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IRE Working Program 2017/18


Café d’Europe Régional

Coffee houses have a longstanding tradition in Central Europe as being places to meet, discuss and exchange different opinions. As a testament to this social heritage, the IRE has started an event series called Café d’Europe Régional. The main aim of these events is to use the relaxed atmosphere of a traditional coffee house in order to discuss EU topics such as the integration process and the participation of civil society in decision making. Top-class representatives, leaders and thinkers from the areas of politics, diplomacy and economy as well as audiences are invited to discuss and offer ideas.


Scientific Publications

The IRE Scientific Series consists of research papers on the topics of regional and local election analysis, political systems, regional location development, EU regional policy and other areas focusing on regionalisation and decentralisation. They are written by external associates, within the frame of a one-month-long internship at the IRE office in Salzburg. A selection of papers as well as other publications is published annually in our Occassional Papers

For more information about the Scientific Publications, here


Internship Programme 

To young people the IRE offers a one-month-long internship at the office in Salzburg. Interns work on a research paper regarding European or regional policy. The papers will be published in the IRE monographic series. Furthermore, interns are included in the daily IRE activities and support the IRE staff with organizational matters. The internship is open to undergraduate students and students who have recently completed their studies (Bachelor, Master, PhD) preferably in the field of politics, law, history, geography or economy. A basic knowledge of the European Union and its institutions is required. Students receive pocket money in return.

For more information about the Internship Programme, here


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