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High-profile personalities from politics, dilpomacy and business congratulate the IRE on its 10th anniversary:

markkula-16950349497_642a8e5f36_b Markku Markkula, Vice-President of the European Committee of the Regions:

“Boosting Europe’s economic potential has never been so important. The IRE’s initiative to bring enterprises, knowledge institutions, regions and municipalities together is an excellent structure to spur on regional economies and to encourage growth, renewal and innovation. These are the seeds to recovery and competitiveness. In this anniversary year, I would like to congratulate you on your numerous achievements and I look forward to close cooperation for the many years to come.”

Minister Hahn, Bolognia 2009 Konferenz in Belgien Johannes Hahn, EU- Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Negotiations:

“As Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations it is one of my responsibilities to deepen relations with the EU neighbours and supporting them in their effort to join the EU. The path to accession is long and several stages need to be completed. I highly appreciate the work of Prof. Dr. Schausberger and his Institute, which is involved in cross-border cooperation not only in the EU, but also in the EU candidate countries. The regional and local level need support in its pre-accession democratic and economic reforms. I congratulate the IRE in its essential work in Europe.”

yumkella Kandeh Y. Yumkella, Agriculture Economist and former Director-General of the UNIDO:

“For 10 years now, the IRE has been tackling various issues that are of concern to the citizens in Europe. Public awareness of sustainable energy is growing and the IRE presents best-practice examples, which is an excellent way to encourage new ambition. The IRE´s work boosts progress for its citizens both regionally and locally.”

feel image - Fotografie e.U.StoÃ? im Himmel 11010 Wien Sebastian Kurz, Chancellor of Austria:

“Developing regional policy within the EU is key in order to achieve growth, foster innovation and implement forward-looking EU policies such as the EUs digital agenda and energy union. Regions and cities are important actors when it comes to implement these policies as they drive development and innovation. IRE contributes significantly to unlocking the potential of regions and cities and to involving their citizens in shared European objectives.”

fazakas_0 Szabolcs Fazakas, Former Member of the European Court of Auditors:

“The foundation of IRE 10 years ago was based on Vienna’s genuine legacy of having always played a central role in connecting the countries and regions of CEE. It is forming the right forum for regions and cities for their cooperation based on real European values. The driving force of the Institution is its President Dr. Franz Schausberger, with his highly appreciated activities, based on his political and professional experience and personal charm.”

Ivan JAKOVCIC - 8th Parliamentary term Ivan Jakovčić, Member of the European Parliament:

“It is very impressive that in a short period of 10 years the Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE) has grown into a respectable European international organization that brings together more than 130 members. It has been a great pleasure when 10 years ago, as the President of the Region of Istria, I accepted the invitation of my friend Franz Schausberger to commonly establish the Institute. Today as a Member of the European Parliament I am more and more convinced that regionalism and decentralization are topics that are rarely mentioned at the European level. Therefore, the existence and the activities of the Institute in Salzburg fully justify its role in promoting European regionalism.”

fererro-waldner Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Former EU-Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy:

“The Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE) has done a really good job in recent years and has indeed become an important forum for European regions, municipalities and companies. It has managed to promote regionalization, decentralization and cross-border cooperation. I congratulate the Institute on its anniversary.”

werner-weihs-raabl Werner Weihs-Raabl, CEO and Founder of Weihs-Raabl Consulting, Adviser to OEEB:

“Under the knowledgeable leadership of the former governor of the Province of Salzburg, Prof. Dr. Franz Schausberger, the IRE has developed into a central platform for the analysis of economic and regional policy challenges within Europe. Thanks to the extraordinary sense of dedication by the IRE team, a number of high-profile events and initiatives have been launched in the course of the last decade, with a consistent focus on target-driven solutions benefitting all of Europe’s regions. This permanent opportunity for dialog between politics and economics along with a strong personal sense of commitment by the organizers are the secret of success for IRE, at the same time providing an important criterion for the strengthening of regional initiatives within Europe.”

moedlhammer_helmut_gemeindebund_0 Helmut Mödlhammer, Former President of the Association of Austrian Municipalities:

“The IRE is an important link between the national policy, the European institutions and the regions of our country. The numerous international events contribute significantly to the rise of the European idea in people´s minds, but above all, in people´s hearts. I cannot be grateful enough for the IRE´s contribution. The Austrian Association of Municipalities will be open for more joint projects. We are happy to help carry the European idea to our communities.”

wilhelm-molterer2 Wilhelm Molterer, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank:

“The Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) share a joint vision: That of a Europe of prospering regions connecting citizens and economies. Much has been achieved and more is to be expected for the future – such as the roll-out of financial instruments under the European Structural and Investment Funds ( I look forward to the IRE’s work during the next decade of our European project.”

kapsch-4754-print300_0 Georg Kapsch, President of the Federation of Austrian Industry:

“Today, Europe stands for prosperity, peace and security. Especially this year – 70 years after the end of World War II – we should be aware that this positive development is not self-evident. Therefore, we must continue our commitment to Europe in the future and inspire the people in the regions for this project of the century anew. In this regards, the IRE provides a valuable contribution for ten years now – in this sense: ad multos annos and happy milestone birthday!”

domic-2014-06-12-nastavak_27_vanredne_sjednice_vlade-anto_domic Anto Domić, Mayor of Brčko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina:

“On the occasion of the 10th anniversary celebration of the Institute of the Regions of Europe, it is my great pleasure to sincerely congratulate to Prof. Dr. Schausberger and to the whole team for achieving great results during past ten years. We found great support from the IRE in our efforts to improve regional cooperation and integration towards the European Union. My belief is that regional cooperation can strengthen social and economic ties across Europe. In achieving this important goal, the Institute of the Regions of Europe has a very important role. Therefore, I express my gratitude for great cooperation with the Institute of the Regions of Europe. I am looking forward to continue our fruitful cooperation in the future.”

stoiber_0 Edmund Stoiber, Former Minister President of the Free State of Bavaria:

“10 years IRE – a reason to celebrate! Strong regions are the backbone of a strong European Union. The EU can only be successful when united in diversity. The IRE makes an important contribution to more closeness to citizens, more transparency, more efficiency and thus, for greater acceptance of EU policy by the population. To many more good and successful years!”

PRÃ?LL SHOT 5 166 Erwin Pröll, Former Governor of Lower Austria:

“Europe is a continent of regions. The regions constitute the diversity and strength of Europe. With the establishment of the Institute of the Regions of Europe ten years ago an important and substantial contribution was made to strengthen and promote cross-border cooperation.”

leitl_christoph_1_300dpi Christoph Leitl, President of the Austrian Economic Chamber:

“Unity in diversity – that is the motto of the European Union. The EU is more than just the sum of 28 different member states. What constitutes and unites us is the wish for peace, quality of life and stability. Now more than ever, the European Union needs to stand for common values, solidarity and sustainability. The EU can only be strong and meet the future challenges if it has the support of its regions and citizens, if we learn from one another and support each other. Peacekeeping has already proven itself in the past, and cross-border cooperation has become a crucial part to guarantee a peaceful future. For more then 10 years, the IRE has initiated activities and events to bring Europe closer to its citizens, making regionalization and decentralization a key element of its outstanding work. Congratulations on the successful work and to many more years!”

meho-mahmutovic-photo_ Meho Mahmutović, State Secretary of the Serbian Ministry of Health:

“Institute of the Regions of Europe is a symbol of the European Union and its diversities. The IRE activities aims a promotion of regionalization, decentralisation and cross border cooperation, as well as an increasing number of its partners in the past ten years are the best illustration of its growing influence in the heart of EU. Novi Pazar has found its place in the Institute of the Regions of Europe very easily, as a family member sharing the same values and visions. This is why I am convinces that the future belongs to us.”

Horst Seehofer, Ministerpraesident von Bayern und CSU Parteivorsitzender, posiert bei einem Portraittermin in der Staatskanzlei, Muenchen, 03.02.2014. Copyright: Michael Gottschalk/  [Tel. +493028097440 - - Jegliche Verwendung nur gegen Honorar und Beleg. Urheber-/Agenturvermerk wird nach Paragraph13 UrhG ausdruecklich verlangt! Es gelten ausschliesslich unsere AGB.] Horst Seehofer, Minister President of the Free State of Bavaria:

“Bavaria focuses on regional diversity and subsidiarity in Europe. I am very pleased that the IRE promotes this approach and supports the regions in their development and cooperation efforts.”

lh_puehringer Josef Pühringer, Former Governor of Upper Austria:

“Over the past 10 years the Institute of the Regions of Europe has evolved into a platform that promotes the common European idea without neglecting the regional interests and identities. I wish the IRE more rewarding years and that it continues its successful path.”

steinbichleralois9208xx_7666_de Alois Steinbichler, Chairman of Kommunalkredit:

“In the first ten years of its existence the Institute of the Regions of Europe has established itself as a successful and recognized forum for cross-border and regional concerns. Thus, it has become an essential element of local policy in Europe, as reflected in the Committee of the Regions. The IRE is where commonly lived Europe takes place. We wish all the best and further success for this important task.”

zoran-jankovic Zoran Janković, Mayor of the City of Ljubljana:

“The City of Ljubljana is proud to have joined the Institute of the Regions of Europe. We are pleased IRE has recognised the immense importance of sustainable development of cities to which we ascribe ourselves, as demonstrated by the prestigious title European Green Capital 2016 awarded to Ljubljana. Allow me to extend my sincere congratulations on your anniversary and wish you all the best in your future activities!”

haeupl_spoe_wien Michael Häupl, Mayor of Vienna:

“Peace, economic prosperity and social balance – these three fundamental values are at the core of the European Union. But a well-functioning Europe can only exist, if people in their daily lives feel the advantages of the European concept.  A strong Europe needs strong cities and regions. For the past 10 years now, the Institute of the Regions of Europe is a forum for Europe’s cities and regions, which contributes to the fact that they receive a special status within the EU. I congratulate the IRE on its anniversary.”

schuessel__wolfgang-2013-bst-kuratorium_original_33137-quadratisch_fb14062376 Wolfgang Schüssel, Former Chancellor of Austria:

“District, city, region, country, Europe, the world: One can feel at home everywhere. But the region forms the centre. This is where we feel our roots and feel who we are. And because regions very often are across borders, it prevents the narrow sight and promotes a broad view.”

bouffier_offizielles_fotosep2012 Volker Bouffier, Minister President of Hessia:

“In its ten years the IRE has impressively shown how sustainable, stable and attractive interregional cooperation can be. The IRE develops a multitude of interregional contacts for its members and has thus established a successful European network. Congratulations!”

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