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Internship at the IRE

To young people the IRE offers a one-month-long internship at the office in Salzburg. Interns work on a research paper regarding European or regional policy. The papers will be published in the IRE monographic series. Furthermore, interns are included in the daily IRE activities and support the IRE staff with organizational matters. The internship is open to undergraduate students and students who have recently completed their studies (Bachelor, Master, PhD) preferably in the field of politics, law, history, geography or economy. A basic knowledge of the European Union and its institutions is required. Students receive pocket money in return.

 Internship Folder

For more information please contact Dr. Joachim Fritz.

We congratulate our interns from the past two years on completing the internship successfully and wish them all the best for the future!

The IRE internship program is supported by

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img_4143  Victoriia NASIBULLINA, January unbenannt  Helene NIKŠIĆ, January
img_4142  Megi RUKA, February laureen-krueger  Laureen KRÜGER, March
img_4594 Maritje WEYDEMANN, April image1 Nina PANIĆ, June
img_7045  Emil FINK, July img_7030  Paul SCHÖPPL, July
aneta  Aneta KARPÍŠKOVÁ, August kati  KATEŘINA HOREHLEĎOVÁ, August
img_8428  Sylvia Ambrušová, September img_8433  Sebastian Steinböck, September 
  0a6ce02f-7631-47ab-bb16-880db0dcfc6e  Thomas Nakon SCHERER, December 
manuel Manuel GLATTBACH, January
img_20170303_115551 Georg PREM, February
l1050900 Nikoletta JABLONCZAY, February
l1050914   Besart ZHUJA, March
l1050949 Sophie JENERWEIN, April
l1060006  Gizem YALCIN, May
l1060851-kopie  Edgar SUBAK, July
l1060867  Julia SCHMIDLECHNER, July
l1060845_0 Jake RYAN, July  l1070201_0  Johana MAŠKOVÁ, August
img_2810 Camilla SCHRITT, September  img_3322-webseite_0  Migena MERSINI, December



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