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About us

The Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE) is a scientific institute located in Salzburg (Austria) and is part of the Institute of European Regions (non-profit) private foundation, which was founded in autumn 2004.

With the establishment of the IRE, a supranational and non-partisan body has been created, which in an enlarged Europe is dedicated to taking into account the increasing importance of regions and municipalities. Also on the basis of the Treaty of Lisbon, the IRE is committed to reduce existing information deficits, to tackle problems and to try to support the various economic potentials of regional as well as trans-regional cooperation between the regions of Europe.

An important focus here is the creation of networks between regions, municipalities and other areas of public action as well as their economics for the realization of their interests. This applies in particular to the new Member States as well as to the candidates for accession to the next recording session, or to those countries which are seeking this status.

The members and supporters of the Institute of European Regions (IRE) are on the one hand – in addition to the Republic of Austria – regions, cities and municipalities of Europe and, on the other hand, important economic enterprises.

The IRE also offers young people from all European regions the opportunity to complete one-month internships at the Institute in Salzburg. The IRE conducts its own “intern program”. The main focus of scientific research at the IRE is in regional and local electoral research, regionalization and decentralization in Europe and in regional and local history.

With its priorities and initiatives, the IRE supports regionalization and decentralization and is the point of contact for relevant questions and challenges.


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